In the wake of a series of bombings and cyberattacks in Stockholm, agent Carl Hamilton (Jakob Oftebro) soon finds himself on a life-threatening mission against an invisible enemy with traces leading to Russian, Swedish and US intelligence forces.

The Dramacorp Pampas Studios & Kärnfilm production HAMILTON (eng. ‘Agent Hamilton’) is a high-concept, tense, paranoid spy thriller series with international traction. Based on one of Sweden´s and Scandinavia´s most iconic, best-selling literary properties ever, with almost 10 000 000 copies sold since the publishing of the first novel 1986.

After the release of the first season on Swedish SVOD C More in January 2020, Hamilton went on to become the highest rated series on the platform in the first quarter of the year. The series has since then continued to perform exceptionally well globally, notably in Australia on AVOD ‘SBS on Demand’ where Hamilton became the most viewed non-English language drama on the platform to date.

Hamilton is produced by Dramacorp Pampas Studios in co-production with TV4, C-More, Beta Film, Dansu and ZDF in association with ZDF Enterprises and with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

Jakob Oftebro, Nina Zanjani, Krister Henriksson, Rowena King, Peter Andersson

Suzanne Reuter, Thomas Hanzon, Annika Hallin, Anna Sise, Jörgen Thorsson, Katia Winter, Katharina Nesytowa, Rein Oja, Nigel Barber, John Moraitis, Dalia Michelevičiúté

Conceptual Director: Erik Leijonborg
Episode Directors: Erik Leijonborg, Lisa Farzaneh, Per Hanefjord
Head Writer: Petter S. Rosenlund
Written by: Petter S. Rosenlund, Martin Bengtsson, Gunnar Nilsson, Tommy Håkansson, Julia Thelin, Pia Gradvall
Executive Producers: Patrick Nebout, Jens Alex
Producers: Petra Jönsson, Martina Stöhr

Director of Photography: Calle vS Persson FSF, Johan Phillips
Production Designers: Moa Nyman, Malin Lindholm
Costume Design: Camilla Olai-Lindblom
Makeup Designer: Madelene Söderblom
Casting: Sara Törnkvist
Editors: Andreas Brixter, Sebastian Amundsen SFK, Theo Lindberg, Margareta Lagerqvist SFK, Jonathan Borell
Composer: Adam Nordén


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