Showreel - In Development

In Development


FILMING 2016-2017


The IRLC-DRAMACORP co-production HAMILTON is a high-concept, tense, paranoid spy thriller series with international traction. Based on Sweden´s and Scandinavia´s most iconic, best-selling literary property ever, with almost 10 000 000 copies sold since the publishing of the first novel 1986.


FILMING 2017-2018


In this near distant future series the world is faced with a predicament that threatens to wipe out humanity. People are faced with two choices, to go into a “great sleep” until earth has recovered or for the less fortunate to harvest crops and try to increase CO2 production.



A Swedish Genius

Håkan Lans, a genius. He invented the computer mouse, the colour graphics in the computer and most importantly something that today´s society depends upon, the GPS. But he was forced to become more than an inventor. He was pulled into an political struggle where tens of millions of dollars was at stake. This true thriller depicts the economic war, where patents are stolen from those who threaten industrial interests. From David Lagercrantz, author of Zlatan and the fourth Millenium book.

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