Jonas Jonasson joins forces with Dramacorp for ‘Whiskey on the Rocks’!

Jonas Jonasson © 2018 Fotograf Anna-Lena Ahlström

We are very glad to announce that best-selling Swedish author Jonas Jonasson is joining forces with Dramacorp for our upcoming Cold War miniseries ‘Whiskey on the Rocks‘!

This will be the second collaboration between Patrick Nebout, Henrik Jansson-Schweizer and Jonas Jonasson, following their big screen adaptation of Jonasson’s acclaimed novel The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared’. The film became Sweden’s biggest box office hit upon its release and was nominated for an Oscar at the 2016 Academy Awards.

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An epic opportunity – Patrick Nebout interviewed on C21 Drama Weekly

Dramacorp CCO Patrick Nebout was recently featured in an interview with C21 MEDIA about how a lack of US drama productions caused by Covid-19 could provide an interesting opportunity for European producers.

“Hollywood isn’t producing enough to satisfy all the channels and platforms, which means there is room for European producers to work on bigger projects” – Patrick Nebout

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The ‘Cryptid’ soundtrack is now available on Spotify and Apple Music!

The amazing ‘Cryptid’ soundtrack composed by Klas Wahl & Anders Niska is now available on Spotify and Apple Music!


Whiskey on the Rocks announced!

We are very excited to announce that we are currently in pre-production of a new mini-series: ‘Whiskey on the Rocks’!

Inspired by the events of the 11-day standoff in 1981 between Sweden and the U.S.S.R. when a Soviet U-137 ‘Whiskey’-class submarine ran aground on rocks inside Swedish territorial waters. Dramacorp is currently recruiting the creative team and finalizing a co-production model for the mini-series.

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Cryptid – Now Streaming on Viaplay!

The time has come… All 10 episodes of Cryptid are now streaming on Viaplay!



Cryptid Official Trailer – Releases October 30th on Viaplay!

Finally! The Official Trailer for Cryptid is here. Tune in to Viaplay on October 30th to watch all ten episodes of Dramacorp’s next series.


Excellent ratings for Agent Hamilton worldwide

Nina Zanjani as ‘Kristin’ (© Dramacorp Pampas Studios 2019 Photo: Johan Paulin)

Agent Hamilton has been performing exceptionally well on the international screen. Most notably on SBS On Demand where the series has become the service’ 5th most watched drama, as well as its most watched drama in a language other than English. We are incredibly proud that the series has become an international success enjoyed by a worldwide audience.

We are also happy to announce that season 1 has been sold to new territories and will be made available by AMC in Latin America, RTP in Portugal and MHz Networks in the United States!

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‘Get Out Of My Face – Main Theme From ‘Cryptid’ – Now available on Spotify and Apple Music!

Dramacorp’s next series Cryptid contains an original soundtrack composed by the very talented Klas Wahl and Anders Niska.

Check out the series’ main theme “Get Out Of My Face”, written by Klas Wahl, Anders Niska & Moa Carlebecker, on Spotify & Apple Music!


First teaser trailer for Cryptid!

Behold the first teaser trailer for Dramacorp’s next series ‘Cryptid’!

Premieres October 30th on Viaplay for streaming across Scandinavia. The perfect Halloween binge!



Hamilton is the most viewed show on C More this year!

Fantastic news! Hamilton is the most viewed show on Nordic SVOD platform CMore between January and March 2020.

Read More on Moviezine (Swedish).

Jakob Oftebro as Carl Hamilton (© Robertas Daskevičius / Dramacorp Pampas Studios 2019)


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